How to save $100,000


College is expensive.  Yeah. I know. The understatement of the year.  However, each year, there are thousands of high school athletes who cannot receive the athletic scholarship they were offered. These athletes can’t receive their scholarships, because they do not meet the NCAA initial eligibility requirements.  With the cost for tuition, books, and room and board rising each year, total college costs can EASILY eclipse $100,000.

So we asked college coaches and compliance officers why these athletes weren’t meeting the requirements.  The number one reason given was that the athletes and their parents did not know what the eligibility requirements were until it was too late to make sure they were met.  Now, there’s an app for that.

MyPath2d1 is a smartphone app that will make sure that you always have the NCAA eligibility requirements at your fingertips.  It also includes information on scholarships, recruiting rules, official and unofficial visits, and tips to help you meet the requirements.


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